If you haven’t made any plans for Mother’s Day yet, then you better call your mom right now or you may be in BIG trouble! She’s probably been sitting by the phone all week waiting for little Johnny to call and as the holiday gets closer, Johnny is getting to the bottom of her favorites list!

Don’t have any ideas? Your could take her out to dinner, maybe to a movie OR if you are in the market to purchase a new home, you could take her on a scenic drive to check out some of the beautiful waterfront properties for sale! She can even help choose the right home for you because you know, “mother know best.”

Since you’re still reading this, I’m going to assume that you haven’t call her yet, but... we all know what happens when you assume, so I am just going to stop here and give you the lowdown of what’s going on Cambridge, MD this weekend.


Friday, May 11th

          Mother’s Days Planting Party at Craig’s

          Musicians Jam as Overflow Café

          Trinity Blues at Groove City Studio


Saturday, May 12th

           Great Chesapeake Bay Wellness Race

           Mother’s Day Planting Party at Craig’s

           Second Saturday- ALL DAY Edition

Guided Birding at Blackwater

Book Sale

Fun Dog Show

Sail on a Skipjack

Art/Photography Supplies Flea Market

Cambridge Beer Festival

Wine Tasting

Art Walk

Ghost Walk


Sunday, May 13th

           Yoga at the Sail

           Mother’s Day at Emily’s Produce

           Mother’s Day Picnic at the Winery


For more information about each event, click here to go to Dorchester County’s visitor page.

Let’s do something nice for all the mothers this weekend, no matter how she became your mother!